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Monday, February 18, 2013

My Own Downton Abbey Kitchen Finds

 When I was first married, our first pasta pot was an old "Goat Brand" enamel on steel pot, 8 pints. We used it for years until the boys arrived and we need a much larger pot. Then it got set aside and kept for many more years until I felt it was time to purge things we never used anymore and off it went. I've gotten rid of/sold a lot of things along the way but there are only one or two things I regret.  That pot being one of them.

 On Saturday we were out poking about and what should I find, in little old Brockville, but a Judge brand cooking pot! It is in all but perfect condition too!  And at such a good price! Yes, we brought it home. It is also 8 pints. Apparently, after some searching, Judge still makes cookware in the UK.
You can see a complete rack of these in the Downton Abbey kitchen HERE

               Here is a wonderful copper mould I found many years ago at a yard sale. HERE is a wonderful shot of some copper moulds on Google images.

This bell hung at the door of a shop long ago to alert the shopkeeper of customers. I don't know where my folks found it but it is now in my own kitchen. HERE are the bells that alert the downstairs staff on Downton Abbey.

I am certainly looking forward to the next season of Downton Abbey. Aren't you?

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