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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A New Art Journal Round Robin

 I have a second cousin who lives in the States and she was interested in doing a round robin journal between family members.  So, once everyone signed on, a theme was decided on and we officially begin shipping in April. That gives plenty of time to prepare our books before sending them away.
This is my cover. I used some wonderful old book covers with remnants of leather on them. The inside pages are watercolour paper. I found the handwritten recipe pages in a little "records" book. I fashioned a simple table from wood veneer and the tablecloth is part of a lacy paper napkin set purchased from Ronna's Etsy shoppe. The rest is rubber stamped and embossed.

                           I love how my sign-in page turned out.  Mixing spoons and a mixing bowl. Each person will sign and date a spoon when they get the book.

My title page is just a collage of old family photos from that side of the family. My great grandmother, my grandmother and her two sisters and others.  Next, I have to complete two 2 page spreads, one for a main course the other for a dessert. Then off it goes. I will share them when they are done.
Happy spring, Everyone!

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Ronna said...

Looks terrific!


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