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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lacey Screen Panel Number Two

 I was able to finish up the second of six panels for my screen yesterday.  Sometimes you've just gotta walk away to gain a better perspective on your layout. I am very pleased with this one too.

                        Once all six are complete I will then stitch them to to wooden rack.  It's become a fmaily affair as my mom sent me some lace and trim last week and the lovely crocheted piece across the top used to be a valance made by a dear friend.  Well, the panels are large and it will take an awful lot of trim to fill them all.  I like the yo-yo quilt centre in each. It adds a nice touch of colour and fills up some of the space.

      Here is a quick shot of the first panel again.  Thank you for dropping by.  Have a lovely day!

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