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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Salesman Samples & Scrapbooks

This looks just like a regular old book however inside there are a number of different books. Partial books anyway.

               Inside are the hardcover fronts and backs of several books. Delightful illustrations.

                     Then there is a description of all the important details of the actual book, to entice you to order it for your shop.

Then you have thirty or so sample pages from each book.  I liked the photos from this elocution book. There are photos of every emotion imaginable.   Above "hatred" and "supplication" are portrayed. This sure is a more cumbersome way to sell books than just an ordinary print catalogue.

                             This book was once filled with lovely poems and illustrations.

                   However it was then turned into a lovely scrap book for some young person.

       Lots of great pictures from the 1930's. It looks like there were many hours happily passed filling up this book with pictures.

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