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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Greening Of The Season" or "Signs Of Life"

 The transition between winter and spring in Eastern Ontario is a rather bleak one but only for a few weeks.  Finally life is returning to our little part of the world.  The lilies have returned in the culvert.

                                 My wee little late-season daffodils are just starting to grow.

                                                            The trees are budding.

                            Some rogue daffodils are already blooming in the front garden.

                                      My Hellebore/Christmas rose is faithfully returning.

                                                          Iris leaves are easy to spot.

                                                My little boxwood are such a lovely green.

 In our activity outside Aaron came across this duck egg, found in front of the barn.  I expect a bird snatched it from the ducks in the pond and dropped its prize upon its escape.

The wild ginger is well on its way in the shade garden.  I hope that spring has finally come to you too.

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