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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Busy Days!

 Our weekend was a whirlwind of activity, beginning with some shopping for son number one's first official career job, beginning next month.  My baby is heading West!  Then there was a scheduled  power outage Sunday morning but even though I had a note stuck to the cupboard door, I forgot, until everything went dark.  That set my Sunday back by four hours.   Monday was our day for everyone's dental check-ups out of town and as always a real treat to see dear friends again.  Then home again to more stuff that absolutely needed to be done before the end of the day.  And so the week began.  Today it is super hot and muggy, still, so I am cozy'd up inside with the AC.  Even the dogs aren't begging to head out for a run.

                     The shrub outside the Milkhouse is blooming again and looks lovely.

 While getting up close to take pics of the flowers I noticed the tiniest frog sitting on a leaf.  It is no bigger than my little finger nail!  Amazing!
 I took a little walk down to the pond and noticed this well crafted spider "tent."  More amazing nature, just waiting to be noticed and appreciated.

Near the pond is a long forgotten apple tree.  This year it too is heavily loaded with fruit!  Must be the cool spring we had.  I hope to keep an eye on it and get some of those apples before the deer do.

Praying for those in Toronto dealing with all the flash flooding from yesterday and those in Lac Megantic dealing with such massive tragedy.

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