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Sunday, October 27, 2013

It Was A Wet & Cold Saturday

 Saturday was wood splitting day.  It was also extremely wet and windy and cold. Typical.
On our way downtown I got Marty to stop the car so I could take a picture of the side of his historic Brockville home.  I love how the leaves have changed and you can see remnants of an old sign painted on the wall.

 A couple years ago the township took down two huge old trees which were rotting from the end of our lane way.  We got them to leave the pieces behind.  It was time to split them and put that wood to use.

                                        Some were a little easier to maneuver than others.

                                                   Some took two people to move.

                    We rented a vertical splitter so we didn't have to actually lift anything.

 Easy peasy.  Sort of. I only had to keep the cider hot and the stew at the ready for hungry men. I got to stay inside where it was warm and dry. Oh, I did have to listen to the endless whining from the dogs who felt they were missing out some kind of great fun.

                                            An unusual mushroom tucked beneath he leaves.

 We got a full cord of wood from those pieces of tree.  Good stuff!  I hope that you had a pleasant weekend too.


Diane Mars said...

Wow that wood should keep you cozy for sometime now~

Jenny said...

Those are seriously big pieces of wood. Seeing the log-splitting edge about to bite it, really gives perspective. Always feels good to get the wood in and be ready for winter. The red leaves in pic.1 are so attractive on the stone building.


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