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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Winter Storage Project

         The gathering of veggies suitable for winter storage led to a project in the basement.

 We have an old cistern in our basement, once used to gather water.    At some point a previous owner knocked a hole in it and just left the rocks there.  It was a gloomy, dark, and mysteriously neglected spot. With some muscle, the guys cleared out the space of rocks. Then it was time to line the walls with Styrofoam insulation and the appropriate ventilation.

                        Not the most comfortable space if you're six feet tall.  It's fine for me.

                                                   Measure twice, cut once.

                                                            Then create a doorway.

                                                                   Add a door.

      Once wasted space now useful again.  Plenty of room (four feet by fifteen feet) for all kinds of produce.  Pretty "cool" eh?

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