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Friday, January 3, 2014

A Fun "Local" Find- Allen Wood Products

 I picked these up recently while thrifting. I was at first captured by the big, bold coloured beads, and of course, the original container.  I have some others that are just on a string and never gave any thought to how they were originally sold.  They were just something that we all had to play with, big beads and shoelaces.

 The container indicated that right here in Ontario there was a company that made these big beads, among other wooden toys for tots. The Museum of Civilization makes reference to Allen Wood products here.

Oh, and even better to know, they are  NON-POISONOUS!  Better to make that clear up front. So, fun lead-free creative play for your wee ones.  Allen Wood products also make a tinker toy like building toy among other things.  Here is a current eBay listing for an Allen Wood Product toy, HERE.
I wonder what cool discoveries await us this new year.

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