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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Finds, Big And Small

 Over the weekend Joshua, his girl, and I head out to run some errands and of course stopped at Goodwill. It was half-price day for furniture. There was very little to choose from but this caught my eye.  Who cannot use a good, basic bookcase?  Solid and in good condition, five dollars wouldn't have paid for the wood!

 It is even stamped on the back, Vilas.  My parents still have their own Vilas dining room set, procured when they were first married, more than fifty years ago.

 On the small side of things, I came across a little bag of tiny bits and bobs. It held some cast-offs from someone's old medicine cabinet. What's not to love about tiny glass vials?

 "Tiny" Bedtime Laxatives, as opposed to giant ones, I guess.

It was the colourful graphics on this box that caught my eye to begin with.  This little box measures 3 inches by 1.5 inches.  At first I thought it was a tiny checker game, then realised it was a box for cough drops!
On the side of the box it reads: "In the interest of metal conservation new-style package adopted 1942."  Now, I wonder what the metal box looked like! I'll be that one is pretty neat too.
I actually found a YouTube video of a collection of cough drop tins and yes, indeedy, there is a cough Checkers tin the mix. Enjoy, HERE

I  love how the back lists ingredients as: Menthol, Licorice, etc.  I don't think "etc." would suffice on today's product lists of ingredients.  Inside there was a little gummed up pile of the original cough drops. They were tiny little black squares, kind of like Chiclets gum.  Remember Chiclets? Anyway, I suspect this is a great example of how to NOT let medicinal stuff look like candy.
Have a great day. Stay warm.

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camp and cottage living said...

Wow, those were very unusual finds!


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