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Friday, February 21, 2014

On The Workbench

 A while ago I found a great singer sewing machine for a great price at a yard sale. It seems as though almost every lover of antiques has at one time owned a great old cast iron treadle machine. Who can ignore the wonderful cast iron or the well made and stylish old sewing machines?

My dear husband wasn't thrilled with another project tucked into his workshop but he has finally gotten to work on its transformation.

 The original cabinet was all delaminated due to weather exposure.  It's burn nicely in the wood stove.  Marty did save me the little drawer that tipped forward from it though. It was in fine shape.

A new top with a drawer has been built and awaits some finish and a drawer pull.  He used some spalted maple with lovely natural black lines in the grain. I thought it would play well with the black cast iron base.  It is headed to the entryway at the other house. I'll post when its done. Have a great weekend!

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