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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

They Keep Speaking Of Spring, However...

 Today began a little overcast.  This afternoon brought in a cold, windy snowstorm, covering roads and piling white stuff up all over the place in careless drifts.  It was snowy in the side yard.

                                                 Snowy in the back yard.

 Inside, over the weekend, thinking warm thoughts of less snowy days to come, eventually, there was some serious activity going on in my kitchen. Nope, no cooking or baking.

               Marty, Aaron and Odelia were busy putting together a little surprise for me.

Yup, this girl has a greenhouse in her kitchen.  Who does that?  Well, apparently we do.  Looking forward to the seeds on their way through the post.  It mostly amazes me that this thing actually fits in the kitchen!
Stay warm and cosy.  Spring is on its way.  I think its taking the long way, but it is supposed to be on its way.

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