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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eggs & Cream, Eggs & Cream, Eggs & Cream, and Cabbage

 Yup, just food today. It could be the changing season, or the lack of changing season, but I've been in the kitchen a bit more lately.  I had, for many years a Donvier Ice cream maker. Then, after many years, I handed it off to a young mother with a bunch of young children. I had not used it, after all, for years.  Then, a little while ago, I found another Donvier ice cream maker, in RED. I brought it home!
On the weekend we made blueberry ice cream. It was okay.  On Monday we made vanilla ice cream.
                                                        It was fabulous!

                    Topped with fresh maple syrup and walnuts only made it better.

            How about a cheese souffle? Smooth and creamy and warm. Like an airy hug.

 Perhaps some lovely Swiss chocolate mousse? This recipe was given to me by our Swiss exchange student, oh so many years ago. Decadent!  Well, now I only have four eggs left until this weekend.  Totally worth it!

Last week, Aaron and I joined some friends for dinner at Tandoori Mint, in Brockville. It was our first taste of real Indian cuisine. It was wonderful!  Later in the week, we tried our hand at some Blind Gobi, a Punjabi-style Cabbage dish. It was delicious. So much so, I made a fresh batch the next night too.  I served it over rice, topped with chicken.

Perhaps this is just the end of the cold season and the recipes will soon, hopefully, take on a fresh green sort of look.

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