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Thursday, July 31, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

 This year we put in a big veggie garden. I started seeds indoors and the early successes were met with some dismal failures and seedlings died before ever getting outside. Nonetheless, there was still much to be planted and so we hoped something would grow.

             Yup, stuff is growing. Kind of exciting to see those seeds turn into food. The weeds are thriving too.

 We planted a bunch of onions just to get more seed from them. The blooms are lovely all lined up in a row.

                        A friend gave me this Egyptian Walking Onion. A really neat plant.

 The meat birds did their part occupying the gardens, eating bugs, chewing on weeds and leaving behind lovely gifts for the soil.

                      I have squash starting to look like squash!  Now that's exciting!

 Marty, six foot two, standing in front of the mammoth sunflowers I planted. That was week ago. A lot more sun and rain since then.

                                 My first harvest of beans. I planted a lot of them hoping to be able to put enough in the freezer to do us until next season. I see lots of blanching in my future.

 I was excited to find this fancy vacuum sealing machine at a yard sale along with extra rolls of the special plastic.  It was an excellently low price and even though the person said it worked, it did not but Marty was able to fix it. The next challenge was to get it to work, without the aid of an instruction book. Thank goodness for the Internet and YouTube videos.  We finally got it working as it should- it's really very simple when you know what you're doing.

              Lots of carefully weighed bags of beans for autumn and winter meals.

Aaron planted the radishes in between other plants as they are supposed to keep bugs at bay. So now we have a lot of radishes. We aren't that in love with them. Now I need ideas of what to do with all those radishes!

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Jenny said...

Harvesting is so much fun. Blanching and freezing can be a little tedious but well worth it and so appreciated in January. Your squash is so big already! Love the giant sunflower.


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