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Friday, July 25, 2014

Organic Blueberry Picking At Rubicon Farms, OH MY!!

 Yesterday was the perfect summer day. Sunny, not too hot, and breezy. An excellent day for a drive to pick blueberries.  Tucked just over the tracks in Avonmore, Ontario is Rubicon Farms. It's a beautifully appointed spot with a lovingly tended blueberry garden, or field, or orchard. Whatever you call it, it was a wonderful experience.  The picking was great too. The season officially opened the day before.
                              It was easy work too. The bushes were loaded with fruit.

     Aaron was the one for getting all those berries tucked at the bottom of the bush.

                             We each had a four quart basket. They filled up quickly.

                           No sprays, organically grown. Delicious right off the plant!

 You can also buy, ready-picked, black raspberries- the best I have ever tasted, as well as black and red currants.  Jam time!
Here are our berries. They all got tucked into the freezer for now. I'll make some jam later, as well as tea cake, muffins and whatever else strikes my fancy. They will be a most welcome sight during the winter months!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day of picking. All the fruit look fabulous. Maybe next year we'll get out there.


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