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Monday, July 21, 2014

PotAto Potato SEEDS!

             Our gardens efforts are having mixed results. This patch was dug up and we just tucked in all manner of seeds and seedlings.  The beets and radishes are doing great, the tomatoes are full of blossoms and little fruits, and my beans should be producing any day now. The potatoes are thriving too!

                                             Lots of blossoms.  Nice full plants.

 And wee little green "tomatoes" have developed on some of them.  They aren't really "tomatoes." After doing a little research I did learn that the potato is, like the tomato, from the nightshade family.  These little green things are actually true seeds on the potato plants.  I also read that you ought to remove them and let the energy be put wholly into the tuber development.
They are poisonous so you mustn't eat them but here is one cut in half. Lots of little "true" potato seeds inside.
Here are two places I found interesting information, HERE and HERE.

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