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Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Thrifty Thursday

 A friend came to visit and besides the requisite lunch special at Tandoori Mint in Brockville, we hit all the local second hand stores. Well, most of them.
The pickin's were slim but I did bring home a few items of interest.
Above are some gold and silver doilies for lining trays, a couple of lovely vintage tins, and a neat chalkware piece that is titled "Les Secrets."  Also a souvenir of Niagara Falls spoon rest,  more vintage than new.

 I also got a smaller tube pan, two novelty creamers, two boxes of little tins with glass lids, some shells and a cool book on how to swim better. I'm not sure how helpful it is but it does have some great illustrations. The stone egg is for a friend.

                             This sweet salt and pepper pair look like stuffed toys.

                                And it is a good day when I find a few vintage sparkly bits.


Kathy said...

Great finds. I love it when I can "rescue" something at the thrift!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Nice finds! I especially love the sparkly jewels.
Happy Sunday.


Jenny said...

Too bad people don't wear broaches anymore. They are come in so many cool shapes and colours and materials.


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