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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Brand New Baby Chicks!

 We had about a dozen eggs in the incubator for the last while. It only takes 21 days for a chick to hatch. After candling them we were down to nine that looked alive.  Tuesday,  one of them started to hatch. It took a good full day to emerge but the peeping started at this point!
in Europe, "slow television" is a popular thing to watch. You can google it if you like to see what that's all about. However, when I ought to have been making pickles, or vacuuming up dog fluff everywhere, or tidying up or listing things for sale or working in the garden, I spent a good three hours just watching this little piece of shell pulse. then I went to bed around 1 AM! Silly.

Next morning, I was up and outside checking on it again even before showering and properly starting my day!

There was more going on this time.
Remember the big round incubator at the Science Centre in Ottawa? It looked like a spaceship. It was great to see fluffy little chicks and lots of eggs. We never seemed to be there to actually see any real hatching though.
Oh, and the last time we were at the Science Centre, there was no more incubator! So sad. It seems that modern technology is more important than chicks hatching.  I prefer the chickens!

                                           It's lots of work to get out of an egg!

             Not very fluffy and cute, yet. It was hopping all over the place in no time though. As you can see, there is another egg starting to open up too.  I figured it would hatch out today, considering the time it took the first one.

 Nope!  By evening it was out and ready to meet its world!  No more eggs have cracked yet.  I'll let you know how many we end up with.

Two little fluffies all tucked into a feather dusty/chicken mum stand-in.
Now, back to work!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I love the feather duster chicken mom and the babies are already cute and fluffy. I always used to go to the incubator any time we were at Science and Tech. Too bad it's gone.


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