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Monday, August 11, 2014

Hubby's On A Roll

 My DH had two weeks off recently and the time flew by as projects were completed (the chicken coop) and then new ones begun...

 As often happens, things go in unexpected directions and simple ideas become big projects.

   The completed trellising for the tomatoes.  The ground is rocky so he needed to figure out a way to secure each section without the need for digging holes.  It all comes apart to store for the winter.  Yup, more red paint. We've got lots of it as part of a warranty issue we were given more than what we originally bought!  It's come in handy for lots of projects over the years.

                           And now most of the tomatoes are off the ground and secure.
I'll get back to you with his next project.....soon. He seems to be on a roll.
It's been such a lovely summer this year and working outside has been a pure pleasure.

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