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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Good Company

 You know that winter is on its way when the wood needs to be stacked!  I don't mind it though, as it is a most satisfying task, seeing all neatly tucked up neatly against the wall.

 Every job goes more smoothly when you have some "help."  The chickens thought this was a most interesting addition to the yard.

Then I had a visitor to the Milkhouse and as the door was open, they decided to be really brave and check it out for themselves.

                             "Seriously, it's pretty cool in here!"  Mr. Mister wasn't so sure.

 These three thought they had found a great perch, away from other birds. No so much. A little too far from the house.

 When Joshua is home he loves to pick up the birds. This one had a lot to say to him and rather enjoyed the attention.

Later, she sought him out. So they went for a walk. They dropped by the kitchen to see what was cooking, no, not chicken tonight.

              Who knew chickens could be so entertaining and such good company?

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