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Monday, December 15, 2014

Upper Canada Village- Alight At Night

 Saturday wasn't too cold so we all head out to take in the Upper Canada Village Alight at Night light display. Before you arrive at your destination you see this old train and station all lit up. There were lots of cars stopping along the highway to take pictures.

All these photographs are by my son, who had a camera that could take good nighttime shots.

 We were the shortly after it opened for the evening and the parking lot was already more than half full and the line-up to get in was LONG. For an extra $1.50 per person I could have gotten the tickets online but for four adults it would have been an extra six dollars.  Thankfully the line moved quickly and it wasn't too cold. When you are cold, six dollars doesn't seem like so much more. Chilly enough though standing still.  There were lots of well bundled children totally enjoying the snow during their wait.
                                      Once inside you are welcomed by large nutcrackers.

                                  Lights everywhere. Well-bundled visitors wandering around.

    There was a long line-up to ride the Ferris wheel. The ticket price included a ride on the Ferris wheel, a train ride and a wagon ride.

                                                        Aaron in front of the General Store.

                                                             Lights glow under the snow.
It was nice wandering about seeing the lights.  I was expecting more. Something that would give at least a nod to the 1860s village we were wandering about. Perhaps live carollers wandering about, Dummy boards in front of each building portraying those who may have lived and worked there in 1860, dressed in their winter garb, more old fashioned traditional songs, hot cocoa and hot cider available on every corner, something to actually see while on the train ride. More snowmen, maybe an ice rink, more than just lights. Winter in Canada. Truly unique.

We enjoyed our time there and also enjoyed warming up next to our wood stove with hot cocoa once home again.

1 comment:

Evlyn said...

Great pictures of the lights. I agree about the carollers - it would have really added to the feeling of festivity. But it looked like a fun experience nonetheless.


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