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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring Fever

 This was looking from my back door yesterday morning. Still snowy and icy. Today it snowed all afternoon. Overcast and lots of fluffy flakes falling. No accumulation but still....that is the sort of thing you wax poetic about in November, not the end of March.

 Indoors I was doing some domestic stuff. I got distracted and decided to put some of our abundant eggs to use and made an angel food cake. I didn't think it would really work, using the Einkorn flour I had sprouted and ground myself. It is a little coarser than what you would buy already ground for you.  I thought I would sift it through a fine sifter and then follow the directions to make your own cake flour.

 Well, the biggest bit of work was sifting the flour, otherwise angel food cake is a simple and stunning cake to make. And it worked!!! It didn't go as high as a regular cake would have but it rose up nicely and was wonderful tasting. The darker flour and organic sugar gave it a golden and deep lovely flavour. Delicious! I dug some raspberries out of the freezer and beat up some whipped cream for a very summery dessert.

My angel food cake left me with a good number of yolks left over.  I looked up recipes that take a lot of yolks and came across this Poppy Seed Lemon cake. It turned out great and was super tasty too. A new recipe to add to my binder. In this picture I had not turned it over yet. I didn't bother with the icing sugar. It was great without it. For company, I would certainly have given it a dusting.
Now if only the snow would go away....

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