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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A Perfect Day For Berry Picking

I was so looking forward to returning to the place we got organic blueberries last year. The long winter and late frost didn't help their crop any this season and it was by appointment only, for u-pick only. I made our appointment for today. Turned out, the weather was not on our side.

We left early, first heading to St Andrews for a good pile of tomato cages I found on Kijiji. The sky was very dark and that rain just poured down all the way from Prescott! Marty kept looking at me as if to say, "Seriously? We are really doing this?" I said it couldn't last forever. Things did indeed lighten up a bit on our way east.
Then to our appointment for berry picking. I am sure they were surprised we actually showed up. It wasn't raining too badly at that point.

We started with the black raspberries. Just LOOK at them!

 It was easy picking except for the mosquitoes. After a while you just give up and ignore them.

                                             I think I found the biggest berry in the patch!

                                                 Then we moved on to the blueberries.

 This is when the rain really came down. We made it to the end of the row when the thunder started moving closer.
It was time to move on to the currants.

 So, my dreams of getting more than last year weren't realised but we did get three baskets of blueberries again to tuck into the freezer. They have already been thoroughly washed by the rain so will need only a cursory rinsing.

                    Our currants and black raspberries. Aren't they beautiful?  Into jam and jelly for them.

 I love visiting the blueberry farm as the owners are lovely people and the layout is wonderful and the fruit is delicious! Looking forward to next year.

Did I mention it was Marty's birthday today? Yeah. He always wanted to pick berries in the rain. And today he got his wish (insert sarcastic tone here, but hey! Isn't that what makes for good memories?)
 We were soaked to the skin, by the time we were done, in spite of the raincoats. Good thing we are waterproof. It was a great outing, regardless of the weather.  Of course the sun was out when we got back home again.

1 comment:

Lorraine said...

Happy berry picking. I love to pick berries, and there isn't a berry that I don't love. Can't find anyplace near us anymore. And the squirrels will just not let us grow our own for our own consumption. So glad you got to go even in the rain. Happy Birthday to Marty too!


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