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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Little Coop

 Our Mama and her chicks have been spending time outside in different parts of the yard, protected with bird netting above and spending their nights in the garage. Not ideal but the little ones are too small to put in with the rest of the birds at this point.

                                     So, a simpler version of the larger coop was created.

                                             Inside a perch and a few nesting boxes.

               All finished and ready to go! Visible to the main coop so the rest of the birds can see the little family living nearby and soon to join them.

                                                  Checking out their new digs.

The two roosters like to sit up high and survey the area so we secured a couple of stakes for them. Works well as they are so little at this point.
It's good to have a separate place for birds if necessary- and definitely better than in our bathroom!

1 comment:

Jenny said...

That's a great looking coop. May be useful in the future if you have a sick or injured bird that needs to be isolated.


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