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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

G.O.O.D.B.Y.E. G.O.O.D.W.I.L.L.

 Well, change certainly can happen quickly, especially when you are on the outside looking in. It was in all the news on Monday that a bunch of Goodwill stores had been closed suddenly and our Brockville location was one such store.
No really good reasons have been given and sorry, "Cash flow  issues" isn't a good enough reason for me.  I know that folks drive from some distance to frequent this particular store and it was also a "meeting place" of sorts as you would often run into the same folks over and over again.
It sure has been a good source for all manner of things, both needed and gifted and thrifted.
The need for employment, as well as a place to give new life to cast-offs and a source for more affordable items certainly hasn't gone away.  It will be missed as will the employees we got to know as well.

 Here is the small mountain of stuff that has been left outside the receiving doors. It was bigger on Monday however this stuff looks as though it has been thoroughly gone through by passers-by.
It will be interesting to see what happens next or who might take this over.  At least we still have a few other thrifting options in the area.

 My last purchase was what I thought was an inexpensive print that would make great fodder for a future collage. It looked rather nondescript in its 1940's frame.

 When I removed it from the frame, I discovered it was actually an etching. Fabulous raised lines when you touched it.

I looked it up. Nope, I wont be cutting this one up. I think a lovely acid free frame is more appropriate in this case.
Happy thrifting!

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