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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Spring Cleaning in Winter

 It was actually late summer that I began the process of redoing my studio.  It was time. Too many wasted days not getting things put back and wanting to new look to things prompted me to begin the cull. The goal was to reduce by half, most everything. Sort of a simple plan but I'm not done yet.  I did however sell the lovely metal filing cabinet and reduce the paper to fit the one old grey wooden cabinet. I like it better.

 It took a while as I went through every single piece of paper, card stock, and sticker.
I got new file folder envelopes so what I kept would not be falling out the sides. Sold all the stuff I parted with.

 And now for a discovery! I have a LOT of paper doilies, paper lace, or French Lace, whatever you prefer to call it.
They have been picked up here and there, most of the packages opened, a few used and then thrifted out when no longer needed. Seems a good plan, to get rid of things you don't need any more.
Above, just the round doilies. The variety and detail of each very different from the others. How do you choose which to keep?

                   Place mat doilies, lovely designs and gold and silver too.

                                        How about oval doilies? Various sizes.

 Coloured and printed doilies. Christmas theme here.  I remember seeing these under Christmas cookies when I was growing up.

 Valentine's Day is a great time for hearts and romance and a little lacy heart shaped doily fits the bill perfectly.  The gold and silver ones were my mom's and she used them when she was a teacher. These are all that's left of them. They originally came in a bulk package from a special "teacher's store" years ago.

 My mom found this gathering of truly vintage doilies at an antiques market. I love grape leaves, perhaps for a wine and cheese gathering. Behind those, a package of square doilies from the scrap booking store.

The piece de resistance! Devon Lace paper napkins! Lovely. Time to go through them all with a more critical eye.

1 comment:

CatieAn said...

all of your doilies are wonderful. I have a drawer of a variety of them and love to use them in collage as well as valentines. I haven't seen the paper napkins or the leaves in years. If you decide not to keep any I would love to buy them.


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