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Monday, March 28, 2016

Tragically Flawed Paper Love

 I hope everyone had a pleasant and blessed Easter weekend.  It sure was springlike here which made it all the better.  We spent a lot of time outside.
 I was fortunate enough to acquire a lovely pile of antique paper items a while back. I finally took some pics to share.  They are mostly imperfect but lovely nonetheless, like the two piece picture above.

                                                 Lots of great old advertising cards.

                                                           Lovely Victorian scraps.

                  A great old children's book with wonderful illustrations and a headless lady.

                             Nothing like donning your Sunday best to sell some root beer!

 A rather terrifying picture of a young tot with a feisty chicken. The partial cat on the right has incredible embossed detail.

                                 Love this odd advertising pun.  "Greatest Bargain I Ever...."

                  "Saw"  Get it? Saw. Not something I would have associated with the sale of....
 Magic yeast cakes. I guess I should rethink the usefulness of a saw in my own kitchen.

                                             Children with dolls and toys, always a winner.

                                               China head dolls, my very favourite!

  I found the head for the young lady. Not sure what she is advertising but it stands on its own and is made from heavy cardboard.

A colourful advertising fan to bid you "adieu" with. I hope you have a good week and thank you for dropping by.

1 comment:

Lady Linda said...

Hello Jennifer...oh, I just love this post. I adore vintage paper, but your sense of humor really made this fun to read. Thanks for sharing. I think I like the china head doll one the best! Such fun. You come across the most amazing things. I still treasure some of the ephemera you sent me! Not parting with that!


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