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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Flying Home

 We arrived early for the flight from Deer Lake to St John's.  Marty had to go through the whole tire replacement thing again as all his emails were not "saved" from the previous week when he had sent pictures and copies of receipts etc.  That done, we checked in our luggage. And then we waited.

                              It was a commuter plane. 18 seats. The planes just keep getting smaller!

 Marty and I were sitting next to each other and we both had window seats, if you know what I mean. Thankfully it was only a forty-five minute flight. I guess the droning of the engines makes for a coma-like state and helps pass the time. Comfort is certainly not a priority.

                                    Flying in between the clouds.

 We arrived safely and settled into the four hour wait for our next flight. Airports really could do more to make that wait better. Terribly uncomfortable seats in the waiting areas and where there are TV hoisted on the walls, they only show the news network. Seriously Guys! We do not need to watch the news before taking off.

 The plane to Ottawa was larger and actually had upholstered seats however it was still very cramped and noisy. The AC was only working intermittently so I got a little queasy part-way through the flight.

 Second cloud pic to illustrate the long flight. Not long as in a flight to BC or Africa, but plenty long enough for me!

 The ear phones didn't work well and the noise of the plane pretty much blocked out all the voices on the movies. The map feature was neat. At our highest altitude it was minus 67 degrees Celsius outside.

We finally arrived in Ottawa. Tired but happy to be off the plane. Nice water feature in the airport.

The empty carousel. No suitcase for me. They "lost" it. It was delivered at the end of the week.

What a great week. The journey to and from was draining. The time spent up in the St Anthony's area was wonderful. The people are wonderful. The sights and sounds are wonderful. Ice bergs are wonderful. Cod is wonderful. Moose meat is wonderful. The flora and fauna are wonderful.

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