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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Our first Official Vacation

We made it! We are back home again and full up with good memories, and some decent pics, and a few souvenirs from our very first official vacation away, in 32 years of marriage. Oh, yes there have been weekends away a few times over the years but this was a true vacation where you make reservations, plan what to see, fly in air planes,  and eat out a lot.

I only have one thing on my bucket list: to visit the norther tip of the peninsula in Newfoundland, and visit L'Anse aux Meadows, where the Viking settlement is.

The timing worked out as two of our boys were back home to look after things. I had looked up the best time to visit the "Rock" and it is late June, early July. And so it was.

Let it be known, I HATE to travel. I've flown before and been to BC, Nova Scotia, and Florida, and Washington state. It's not just a displeasure with it, I don't enjoy the journey and being away from home. However, this is one thing that has always called to me and it was good to jump out of my comfort zone and explore.

So, off we went to Ottawa on June 27 to catch a turbo prop jet to Halifax where we would wait for three hours for an even smaller jet to Deer Lake, NL. The first flight was much like flying inside a blender, the second one, a wee bit better but an even small plane. Marty and I both had window seats and were sitting next to each other , if you know what I mean.

Anyway, we got in in the evening, got our rental car, found the Driftwood Motel and crashed for the night. Not a great place to stay so I am not recommending it.

Our first day of adventure began with the Insectarium/Butterfly Garden. It was great and worth the entry fee. We spent some relaxed time wandering about and enjoying all it had to offer. I have been to tow others in Canada and I think this is the best so far.

The first thing you get to see are the cocoons all hung with butterflies emerging and flying about.

 In a warmed space there are gardens and a water feature and lots of colourful butterflies flying about.

The identification guide is a help. 

There are three floors all together of wonderful displays including live insects and a living bee hive. Fascinating and very well put together. There is also a place to have some ice cream while there too.

 Then we were on the road to St Anthony's, well St Lunaire-Griquet actually, along the Viking Trail. They say it will be 4-5 hours drive. Well, give yourself the whole day and plan to stop every hour to get out and walk around. There are plenty of wonderful spots to pause along the way.

                                                                        Lots of this.
                                                                                And this.

                                                         And this.

                                                               And this.

                                             This is in St Lunaire-Griquet.

We were happy to find our motel and unload the car and gather out thoughts. We had the "queen deluxe room" for the week at St Brendan's Motel.  I think the deluxe was the fridge, and coffee maker.  It was clean and fairly comfortable and well situated for what we were doing all week. I would go there again.

                                        Then we drove down to the pier to check out the water,

and our very first ice berg of the week! This washed away all the fatigue and stress of the long trip. It was amazing!  This was just the beginning.

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Lady Linda said...

Good for you! I am glad you got to go on a real vacation. I love all the photos of the butterflies. I bet you are happy to be home, but it is good to have a break. Sounds fun to me...I love to travel.


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