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Friday, July 22, 2016

Puzzling Things We saw Along the Road

 As we drove up the highway toward St Anthony's we would see what looked to be garden patches, scattered here and there. No homes nearby, just patches in various states of repair and use.

 At the motel we asked about them and were told that some of these gardens have been used by several generations of a single family. Many popped up when there was roadwork being done and the earth was fresh along the new roads. these gardens are protected, far from the ocean and salty air, and warmed by the heat on the highway. Some have fences, or netting around them to discourage moose and other animals. HERE is where you will find an article on the roadside gardens.

 The other thing that struck us was the sheer number of garbage units everywhere that looked the same- just like the green one above. They varied in size and colour but most are octagons raised up on little feet.  We were told that hydro left behind spools when putting in the poles and wire and they are based on that shape. Someone else also blogged about them, HERE

Another frequent sight, were great piles and stacks of wood along the highway. Locals get a license and cut the wood during the winter and stack it or make a tee-pee out of longer logs to dry and retrieve it as necessary during the summer for the following winter. You will also often see a snowmobile and other equipment. Everyone respects the other's log pile. Theft is rarely an issue.

 We visited the "Dark Tickle" a couple of times while in St Lunaire- Griquet. You can read HERE, why it is called the "Dark Tickle."

     Mummers. If you are curious, you will find a brief history of Mummering HERE.

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