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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Then, The Apples

 In the spring Marty pruned a bunch of the ancient apple trees around the property. This fall, we had lots of apples to pick!

                                           This tree gave the biggest return and they were so tasty.

 It took a while but we finally found an apple grinder, not to be confused with a grape grinder, which came with the press. This made quick work of chopping up the apples in prep for pressing out the juice. You get much or juice if the apples are chopped up first. Marty clamped a board on top of most of it so the apples didn't pop out and to keep hands safely away from all those cutting and chopping blades.

                                        There were a LOT of apples.

                             The press is filled up and ready.

 All the blocks are added and Marty is cranking away. Relatively easy going with the ratcheting mechanism.

                           We got about nine gallons of juice when it was all done;  filled the press twice.

As there are a variety of apple types in the orchard, the juice is lovely. Naturally sweet with a wonderful flavour. Amazing. And a special thank you to the Daniel brothers for planting these tree all those many years ago.

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