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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Fledgling

 A robin found our front porch roof a good place to build a nest this year. It was a treat this morning to notice one of that nest's occupants was ready to "fly the coop."  Just sitting there, surveying his options.

 The mother flew back at one point, poked him on the back twice and left.  Perhaps she was saying "Get moving!"

                                                     Still thinking about it.

                                                Perhaps a different angle will help.

                                                    And jump! Fly!

                                Can you see his little tail, near the lower left corner.

 From his perch, he flew down to the propane stove.    "Stop watching me! You are making me nervous!"

                           And off he went into a nearby shrub.  Mother was nearby, watching.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

So fun to watch a nest of birds. This year our robins were secretive about their nest, but the other day I saw mom (dad?) out withe 3 juveniles. The adult would poke around in the leaves and then it would feed the young ones whatever bug it found. The youngsters were curiously looking around learning about their new environment.


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