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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


This was the first of the three pieces I did on the weekend. It was supposed to be an abstract design in the center of a black background. Once home, I added the Frozen Charlotte and the word at the top. The copper gel medium was a happy accident. I had other plans for it but they didn't work, however the whole thing wasn't a wash. I'm rather pleased with the end result. I look forward to when my hubby has time to make me some frames for these.


Ronna said...

Nice work, Jen!

Sawsee said...

Very cool! I am a 'collector' of stuff and your work inspires me to try to create something new from it.
I really like this one, labelled 'Fragments'. It is very thought provoking!

mstrauss said...

Love this - it is great how you made it look like a Greek temple, with the "cult statue" in the middle, just like in ancient Athens!


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