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Friday, April 27, 2007

The Gleaner Zine

The Gleaner Zine is a very special zine by a very special person. Sheylynne Carriveau has created a zine filled with information and art and inspiration for several years now. Her energy is boundless it seems as she also creates the Zine of Zines and has a YaHoo group where folks of all artistic levels can try their hand at creating their own zines and swap them with other zinesters. The Gleaner gets its name from the book of Ruth in the Old Testament. Every issue has a different theme and is jam-packed with visual stimuli and lots of little envies and pockets of gleanings to jump-start your own creative juices. The last couple of issues have been in full colour which only adds to the whole zine experience. I was very fortunate to have a collage featured on the cover of issue 16. Issue 17, the current issue, is "Art Therapy". These zines are definitely worth checking out! here is the link to the YaHoo group should you want to know more about the Gleaner and making your own zine: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TheGleanerZine

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