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Sunday, May 20, 2007


Here are are a couple of shots from the studio. The most fun I have organising things is finding unique containers for stuff. Yard sales are naturally a great place to begin. I love the old custom drawers and cabinets from old garages. The large blue cabinet on the right was given to me by my girlfriend, after she bought it for herself, but couldn't fit her stuff into it as she had hoped. I love it. My youngest son is most disappointed that I was able to put it to use as he would have loved to actually put it in the garage. Imagine! After a few false starts trying to find the best way to store my growing collection of rubber stamps, I came across these fabulous drawers in the Lee Valley catalogue. The drawers come in different sizes and come alone with directions to build the box they fit into. This is where my long-suffering husband comes in. Naturally, I want each unit to hold five drawers, instead of the normal four and I want to put a different sized drawer at the bottom of each crate. Well, he has never been known to shy away from a challenge, so, voila!, I have six crates of bright red metal drawers filled with rubber stamps. Wonderful! The two inch deep drawer holds two layers of stamps and the three inch drawers hold the cubes and other bulky items. I also found a neat little cart on wheels a few years ago that holds all my ink pads and embossing powders. It doesn't take up much room and it rolls to where I am working and away when I'm done.

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