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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Charm Bracelets

Here are my charm bracelets. There is the one filled with old celluloid charms, a bracelet with the ten commandments, and one with the name "Ethelwyn" on it. My greatest find was the 1939 World's fair bracelet purchased at a yard sale for 50 cents. There is one commemorating Expo '67, and an old bracelet with Canadian items including and Indian head and an Igloo, as well as the US flag. In the other picture are three bracelets of old finds from yard sales which I have attached to chains. The first is full of novelty and advertising items, the second is filled with white metal pieces, some from Monopoly. The last is a grouping of all the silver charms I've found over the years. I never actually had a charm bracelet of my own, but my mom does and I remember the fun she had adding to it and the special occasions she would wear it. Charming.

1 comment:

Ronna said...

Cool Jen. I clicked on both photos and you can see the detail of each charm, really large. Just terrific!


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