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Friday, August 3, 2007


On our anniversary my hubby and I were on our way down to our favourite fish and chip place when we stopped at a yard sale. I saw this sad broken top from a desk. It was falling apart and had been home to critters at one time. I loved it! Well, my dear man is handy and generous with his creativity so we bought it and brought it home. I figured it would be a very long before I would get to put it to use. Well, a month our so later we had an afternoon to ourselves and spent it happily in the garage knocking it down and re-gluing and finishing it. It was put together with square nails and stamped on the back it says " Oshawa Cabinet Co." I wonder what it was used for originally. On the left you can see where there was door that covered the shelves and there is a hole that held a lock on the top at that end as well. Putting it in place necessitated a great deal of reorganizing and tidying but I'm thrilled with it.

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