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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Oscar's Story

He flew here!
Oscar up in the wood pile.
Only a hummingbird stopped by to check out Oscar's calls.
Mommy, feed me!

Here is Oscar. He's a little grumpy looking when viewed head-on, hence the name. The first night we found him it was rather inclement and as he couldn't fly at all, we put him in a little cage we have for the night. Friday we fed him some mushy scrambled eggs mixed with water from a dropper. He began to squeak on Friday. Ronna suggested I look up the Ottawa Bird Rescue site and I found out that birds have a lousy sense of smell so handling the young wont cause any undo harm (not that we all go out and find little birds to handle). We put him outside for a while, where he jumped about the bottom of a tree and called his mom. No response. We brought him back in.
Later, my husband put him out in the cage and sat back to see if anything would happen and sure enough, the mother came by and fed him through the cage bars. A very good sign. So, he took the little guy out of the cage and the while he hopped about, the mother would come a feed him. Once it got dark she disappeared and we found Oscar in the middle of the yard just sitting there~easy prey for any passer by. He spent the night inside with us again.
With first light, he began peeping again. So, outside he went. This time it appeared that the mother's nest was on the other side of our garden so Marty (hubby) put Oscar in the garden, which he seemed to enjoy very much. Then we went to a yard sale.
Upon returning, we followed the peeps and found him on top of our wood pile! Marty put out his finger and Oscar hopped on and he, Marty, gently waved his arm up and down. Oscar would hold on tight and flap his wings over and over. After a brief chat he was deposited on the woodpile. The little guy then surprised us all by flying to the nearby tree! What progress. He sat there for a quite a while and then disappeared.
This morning, Sunday, August 26, I was putting out the dog and heard his peeping again. He was sitting up high in the Lilac and his mother was feeding him. I think he'll be just fine.

1 comment:

Ronna said...

Don't you feel like you should hand out cigars or something? Well done Jen. Very thrilling reading this story!


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