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Sunday, August 26, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Cooking, cleaning, shopping for food, emailing Ronna, seeing my hubby on weekends, reading a good book, enjoying life with a new puppy, making ATCs, and sending two of the boys off to camp.
Doing laundry, finding cool stuff on EBay, sleeping, making art, finding cool old stuff at yard sales, chatting on the phone, gardening, buying a new home, and dealing with a variety of Realtors trying to sell our home.

Here are some ATCs I made back before we finally moved out to Prescott. My husband had been commuting for months, we were trying to sell our home and life was just a matter of keeping things tidy and dealing with the problems that were all part of the transition from one place to another. Basically, my summer vacation was no different than the rest of the year. I did however have fun making the cards!

1 comment:

Sussie said...

These ATC´s are very sweet! Fun idea :)


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