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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Inside of the Milkhouse Gallery

This a shot of the back wall. We found the large timber thing hanging on the wall, in the loft of the milk house. We decided to hang it up to break the soaring space and for its graphic impact.
This is a shot from the door. Joshua found the angle iron table base in our field and Marty planed some really old maple to make a top for it. I like the fact that it is higher than usual so I can place bulky items underneath. The barn model is from the area we used to live.
I found this "doll house" display cabinet at a yard sale a few years ago for only $5! It was meant to hold some kind of line of gift items. I cleaned it up and painted the roof red. I love it. The rack hanging on the side of the bookshelves is actually a display thing for beef jerky (another yard sale find, of course).
This is the counter he built in along the west wall. The acrylic case is from the gift shop and the spindly rack is actually an antique display rack for hats from an old store in Chrysler. I plan to hang small linens on it.
This the back corner in the milk house. You can see some of my son, Jacob's old Snoopy collection. I've also been picking up old tin and aluminum lunch boxes for years. They are wonderful, sturdy containers to fill with art supplies and whatever else you can think of.

It's been fun setting this all up and there is much more to do. I still have to make some cards to sell, get a few collages framed (by my hubby) and put together some little boxes of collage/fabric elements all tied up with ribbon to sell. I got that idea from the first issue of Living the Artful Life from Stampington and from Vintage Charmings' "Petite Bijoux (little gift). What a great way to share those neat little things you may not ever use.

It is my hope to progressively add assortments of items that can be used in altered art projects as well as samples of the same.

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