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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's time to show you the milk house

This shelving came from a gift shop that closed up last year.
Here is some of the barn board turned into bookshelves.
Sorry I haven't posted for a bit. I know how much I enjoy daily postings. Anyhow, as I mentioned before, we have a little stone milk house in our back yard.
When we bought this place we had visualized turning it into a small gallery to showcase Marty's Mission style furniture, sell small antiques and also my creative efforts. As the house we live in had some serious needs to be looked after when we first got here, this project has taken a while to get started on. Resources are minimal so we have (I say say "we" but really it is mostly my husband and youngest son who have done the lion's share of the work~ I just have "creative input") therefore it was our mandate to use what we have on the property to achieve the look we hoped for. Our barn had a great pile of barn board and now that is almost gone and put into the milk house. There was a gift shop in town that closed up the first year we were here and I was able to buy some great shelving and display items for terrific prices. The bottom pic is of shelves made from the barn board. The wainscoting was already in the building and the walls were stuccoed, so my oldest son scraped them down and painted them white so now it just looks like troweled plaster. Much better! The after pics are to follow, but right now for some reason this blogger thing wont let me upload more pictures. Sorry.


Ronna said...

Looks fantastic Jen. Can't wait to see those shelves filled with your stuff!

Bonni said...

I'm excited to see the 'after'. It looks great already! Kudos to your manpower!!


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