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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More Milkhouse pics

I'm sure you must be getting tired of this by now but we are so close to actually opening this Saturday! There is still so much to do, mostly pricing and inventory, but whatever gets done will be fine. Those are the words of my wise friends. For me, I have to get it all done now! Alas, here is a basket of bark cloth and a basket of my little lace "gifts", along with the great head I found at a recent yard sale. Perfect.
This is my curtain, made from some of my bark cloth. I can now easily store boxes under the shelf but out of sight. I love it.
This the final counter set-up. My cards and tags are hanging on the cool display thing I got at the scrap book expo and the little "collage" bits are in the acrylic container and there are fibers in the glass jar (four yards for two dollars). I added the scarf and velvet dresser scarf to the counter as the slate was getting very cold in the cooler weather. It also provides a softer surface to put things down on.
At a local town-wide yard sale I picked up a box full of floppy disc boxes, as they were so tidy in size and translucent too. I spent last weekend filling up all 56 boxes with an old hankie and lengths of antique lace and trim and then tying them up with ribbon. They are little confections.

1 comment:

Ronna said...

Looks fantastic! I'm sorry I'll miss the opening but will get there before the snow flies for sure.
Best of luck on Saturday!!


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