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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Opening Day

Here are the pictures of the sign Marty built for the Milkhouse Gallery. You can see it from either direction from the road. Marty was putting the finishing touches on it as the sun went down, Friday evening.
Jacob and I were up 'til almost midnight Friday, entering the last of the items in the shop into inventory and making certain everything was priced. We were all a little punchy from a lack of sleep but managed to get through Saturday.
Our opening day began with frost on the ground but a lot of sun in the sky. A good sign. So I proceeded to hang all the antique quilts and vintage aprons on the line so they could artfully flutter in the cool autumn breeze. They looked great.
I hadn't even checked the messages on the phone Friday, so Sat. morning I discovered I had been missing quite a number of calls. The best surprise came from the Cardinal Flower shop as they arrived bearing not one but two lovely arrangements! One from my parents and the other from a dear friend. About the same time the local paper showed up to check things out. Then it started to rain! My house currently is fully draped with aprons and quilt from one floor to the next! Okay, nothing I could do about the weather.

A chat with an acquaintance revealed that she had read about the opening in the local free paper! That was a nice surprise too. They sent a reporter by as well and friends from our old home made the trip all the way out too. We had hot cider and homemade apple/cranberry cookies to fortify those who visited. We even made some sales! People seemed pleased and even excited about it all. It was overall a very good beginning to our small venture. I'll post later about the new clippings when they arrive.
Now, to clean up the mess in the house and to get a little rest.
We are open for business again tomorrow. Cool!

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