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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Palatial Pagoda Swap

Today was a long day full of activity and the best part was the mail! My Palatial Pagoda Swap arrived! Here it is. Each participant decorated their matchboxes on the front and inside and added a little handmade trinket relating to what a Princess might like or own. As always, those folks at the Creative Underground assembled everything in a truly delightful way! It was fun opening each matchbox drawer to see what wonders it held, just like those advent calendars of our youth. However, I got to open all the drawers at once! The little box at the top has an adorable little charm of a slipper on a cushion and inside is a wee book with a list of all the participants.

I also received the latest copy of Somerset Studio along with the book, "Mixed Media Collage". I've not had too much time to do more than quickly flip the reading material, but as always there is much to inspire and glean from the work of others.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, your blog is great, lots of good pics and some good commentary, maybe you will one day, write a book, and put lots of your thoughts on paper.Keep up the good work.
Love dad


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