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Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas in the Kitchen

This is my "kitchen tree." It began as a tree filled with all the little old toy dishes and cooking tools I had collected over the years and has evolved to become"Sue's tree"(check out Susan Harms' blog at right). For a number of years we had an annual Christmas sale. It was for two hours one afternoon and by invitation only. I did the baking and packaged up hundreds of bundles of cookies and peanut brittle etc. and Sue would make lovely little ornaments out of puzzle pieces. In the end she had dozens of different designs. This tree is now filled with those ornaments. They are a wonderful reminder of all the work as well as all the fun and success we enjoyed sharing our "gifts" with others.
Since the baking for Christmas has to start early, I like to decorate the kitchen first. The two tube pans above stacked and filled with what else? vintage baking tools, including some ancient dragees in colours I've never seen before. The pans are marked "Swansdown Cake and Pastry Flour." I keep my eyes open for anything relating to "Swansdown Cake and Pastry Flour" as my great grandfather's wife was the official spokesperson for General Foods back in the 1930's and would travel back and forth across Canada demonstrating how your cakes will always turn out perfectly with "Swansdown Cake and Pastry Flour!"
This is a detail of the kitchen tree showing some of Sue's handiwork. The painting is done on an old egg poacher cup. The snowmen are made of puzzle pieces attached to scrabble game pieces, and the ballerina bear in the background is made from sculpey clay.

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Ronna said...

Love your kitchen decor, Jen!


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