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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Snow Day

I just couldn't leave Birdie out in the Milkhouse over the winter so she has come into the house to be enjoyed. She's all decked out in her own god sparkly garland. Today is our first big storm of the season. Even my husband said it he didn't want the boys driving to school today~ he never lets the weather keep him from work. So, everyones is safe and cozy at home, working on their own. I'm going to do some more baking.
I got this cage doll years ago. She's in terribly imperfect condition but I love her anyway.
My husband, long ago, had a business trip to St. Louis so the first thing I did was call up the Mary Engelbreit store there to get directions for him and make a list of things I wanted him to pick up for me. He went there as soon as he got into town and called me on his cell phone to get my feedback on what he was looking at. To a guy, it all looks the same. Everyone at the shop was so helpful, knowing he was there because it was someplace I had always wanted to see, but couldn't be there. This little tree was one of the items he brought home for me. Christmas is a lovely time to take out special things and enjoy the memories attached to them.

1 comment:

Susan Williamson said...

We have snow too. It's the perfect day for art and baking...mainly art in my case!


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