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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Thoughts of Sugarplums...

With frost on the ground and the lingering days of autumn behind us, we wake in darkness and the days are shortened by the early dusk. My mind turns to cozy activities like Christmas baking. I went totally crazy last year(we had cookies 'til March!) but will limit the variety and volume of cookies this season. I've already made the first of a variety of shortbreads and will be shopping for ingredients today.
I made the wreath above years ago after being inspired by something I saw in ME's Home Companion. It is filled broken and damaged antique toys, which are still too dear to toss. I even took a small tin baking cone and gold leafed it so it would become a small cornucopia and filled it with mini books and tiny toys. I will likely be adding a few more pieces to it this year.
What creative plans do you have this season?

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