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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Busy and Inspiring Days

Each year Marty and have tried to get out to spend a day wandering about and on Saturday we finally did it. Good timing as we then found ourselves stranded indoors all of Sunday due to the big snowstorm. While we were at HomeSense specifically to find more of the pure vanilla I use in my baking (much better price there) I came across this "ornament tree." To my way of thinking it did not have a Christmas feel to it at all and perhaps that is why it sat there all alone looking so out of place amongst the glitter of the rest of the holiday fare. I immediately thought it would be perfect in the Milkhouse this spring, holding whatever would work hanging from it. It's almost four feet tall and was so inexpensive I had to take it home. I can hardly wait to load it up with creative goodies.
I figure it would have been more wintry feeling if the leaves were replaced with holly and topped with a Cardinal, alas, I'm thrilled to have found it as we all know how costly "display" items can be.
I was at a little second-hand shop recently with my girlfriend when I came across these hands. They were holding a variety of bracelets and necklaces. I casually asked if the the hands were for sale and the woman working there said, "Sure." Well, again they will be the perfect foil for something. Fun!

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