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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year's Eve

This Santos (a reproduction) of an angel was from a dear friend for Christmas. Check out Catherine Moore's new blog, the new link is on the right. Her YouTube video clip of "I Want Candy" form the Mary Antoinette movie, is, in my opinion, the best part of the movie. There is also a clip from Imogen Heap of her "Headlock" video which is a delight for the eyes and makes me want to go make art!
I wasn't expecting any mail today but much to my surprise there were parcels to pick up from the post office and a few groceries to buy while I was out. I only really needed some milk and dog food but my husband was along for the journey so the cart was full by the time I got to the cash and there was much to put away once we got home. When I finally had a chance to open the parcels, it was much to my delight to find the above ornaments all carefully wrapped and shipped from Pennsylvania. I had bid on an assortment of ornaments on EBay mainly hoping to get the two little German sheep. The picture wasn't too good so it was a mystery to me what the other items actually were. I was thrilled to find the glittery elves and little Santa and especially the tiny well-dressed bisque baby doll. There is also a very '50s angel and little reindeer.

The other box was from the Good Cook book club and it had me curious as I hadn't ordered anything from them. What a happy surprise to find a Nigella Lawson book that had come to me for FREE as a friend had joined the book club. Who doesn't like "free"? I have her other cookbooks and really appreciate the easy recipes. Her waffles are a family favourite.

While at the grocery store I noticed the next issue of Victoria magazine was out and just had to pick it up. I was sad when it disappeared off the newstands years ago. I had been a faithful reader ever since I found the premier issue during a break while working at Sears and expecting my oldest son. That was twenty years ago!! I guess it wouldn't surprise my friends to know I still have that premier issue of Victoria. I had kept all of them for so long but have let many go except for a precious few, which still serve to inspire.

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