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Friday, February 1, 2008

A Winter Circus

The weather across Ontario is a mix of everything unpleasant you can imagine: freezing rain, snow, wind, more snow, more wind and did I say more snow? I hope this isn't what the whole month will be like.
I am happily stranded without a car and hope to make some serious headway in the creative department today. First, a little laundry. I like laundry as you simply fill the machine and push a button. Then you can walk away for a while and not even think about it! Now, go make art!


Stacy Alexander said...

Hi Jen,

I your blog has some very cool writing and art! Happy to have found it. I will add a link from my blog.

Thanks for your comment over there, btw.


rochambeau said...

Dear Jen,
THIS IS SO COOL!!! I'm going to do a special Birthday surprise for a friend on the 8th of Feb. Her Blog is called Lady bug Circus. Do you think I could link you for the circus show????

What fun!!!


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